Keep your people happy

As Last Mile vets, we know that high employee turnover is a problem - we're working on solutions!

You're constantly working on ways to meet the daily demands of your company: fleet maintenance, scheduling logistics, managing various personalities and employee needs, the list goes on and on. While high turnover is just another part of the job,  it's one challenge that we can address immediately.

3 out of 4 US employees say company culture is one of the biggest contributing factors to job satisfaction - improve culture, improve retention.

We're working to create high quality, Driver specific products that help improve the daily lives of your Drivers, starting tipping! We've got more DSP/ISP specific offerings coming soon, and are always looking for owners who are interested in partnering with us.

Be the first to test new solutions, provide feedback, and help improve the lives of your drivers. Connect with us to learn more.

Want us to recognize an outstanding Driver on your team?

Every week we showcase a Driver for our DRIVR Hero of the Week. They recieve a DRIVR gear pack, along with a little recgonition. If there's someone on your team who deserves a spotlight, we'd love to know.

Get them the gear they'll love