Introducing DRIVR - a Tipping Platform for Delivery Drivers.

Introducing DRIVR - a Tipping Platform for Delivery Drivers.

Hi, we're Jacob and Sol, co-founders of DRIVR. The mission of our company is simple: Improve the lives of Drivers.

Having worked with Drivers for a while in past roles, I learned a lot about the job and the struggles. One of my goals is to tell everyone about it.

Here’s some things you probably don’t know about Drivers:

  1. Pay is low - often as low as $16 per hour, industry and location depending
  2. Depending on their sector, they can deliver up to 250-350 packages a day - and even more during Holidays
  3. The great majority of Drivers don’t make it a full year before quitting
  4. Most Drivers work for independent companies that service Amazon/Fedex
  5. Drivers in the US will deliver $1Trillion in e-commerce goods this year

We are launching a tipping platform for Last Mile Delivery Drivers.

We’re seeing a lot more in the news today about workers unhappy with pay and working conditions. We can all help to solve this problem. 

Why don’t those companies just pay their Drivers more?

Besides the fact that these companies are trying to maximize shareholder value (doing their job), many Drivers don’t even work for the companies we associate them with. As a notable example, all the Amazon Prime Drivers that show up in a blue van work for small independent companies called DSPs (Delivery Service Partners). 

Ever wonder how you can order a box of pencils for $5 and someone will show up with it tomorrow? Your yearly Prime payment doesn’t really cover it. The people really paying for it are warehouse workers and Drivers.

Why should we tip our Last Mile Delivery Drivers?

We tip every other kind of Driver - Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, the pizza guy - why wouldn’t we tip the one Driver that we depend on the most? 

We don’t feel as much social pressure to tip our Last Mile Drivers. First, we don’t always see them. Like Santa Claus, packages often appear so we don’t feel the social pressure to tip. Second, many types of Drivers aren’t people you see more than once - like the individual who delivered and installed your dishwasher.. 

How does DRIVR tipping work?

DRIVR makes tipping simple, safe, and cashless. We’ve built custom and no-code software solutions that businesses can easily integrate into their existing operating systems, which adds a low-barrier tipping option for customers. Customers are prompted to leave a tip after completion of their service, and can easily select a custom amount for a one time electronic payment.. Our software lets customers see exactly who their tips are going to, and lets them learn more about the Drivers they rarely get to meet. 

I already give Drivers water bottles, snacks, and cash tips

That is incredibly cool and you should continue to do so. DRIVR wants to have a lasting impact on pay for Drivers which is why making tipping a standard practice is so important. If only 10% of Amazon customers were to tip $10/month it would raise Driver pay by 20%. Let’s be a part of making a difference for these essential workers.

I am in. I want to do this. How do I get involved?

If you want to participate, partner or have ideas don’t hesitate to email me directly at